Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

A Bit Waterlogged, but Doing Great

Well, as you probably saw, we did indeed have a monster typhoon yesterday. It was actually so bad here in the south we could not go out proselyting. The wind was just too strong--it was blowing trees over and everything. So we stayed in the apartment from noon until 9:00 and called. Called everyone--former investigators, current investigators, recent converts, stacks of contact cards...I almost lost my mind. Street contacting is so much more fun than that. And yes, now we have a nice flood in some areas of Donggang, up to my knees in the deepest parts. One of the main roads is also a river, with a current and everything.

I'm already short on time...where did it go? I want you all to know I love you and I have a testimony of Heavenly Father's love for each one of us individually. I know that anything that's important to you is important to Him, and He will hear your prayers. That's something most people in Taiwan don't understand right now, and we have to teach them--prayer is an actual two-way communication between you and your Heavenly Father. I want to challenge you all to try and make your prayers more meaningful. Also, get a Preach My Gospel and start using it for FHE or personal scripture study! It's a great tool and I know it will help you understand doctrines more clearly. Especially chapter 3. You can get a pdf on the church website, I think.

I love you all so much. Sorry for the shorter letter, expect a better one next week!

Love you!


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