Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy December!

Hello everyone!

Well, this week was kind of fun. We had our ups and downs as usual, but we've found some really great people. The man I told you about last week, (name), came to church on Sunday and said it was really enlightening and uplifting. We taught him the third Preach My Gospel lesson and committed him to keep working toward his baptismal goal of Christmas Day, and he said he would without hesitation. He's truly a great man, very desirous to follow the Savior. We also got another new investigator to church for his first time: (name). No relation to the other Mister (name). He's this super old beibei who we visited on Wednesday and we didn't think he would come. He kept saying "yeah, yeah, if I have time I'll go check it out." Then out of the blue he showed up half an hour early on Sunday and stayed for all three hours. I like him; he's still not really sure how to pray, though. His prayers are almost always: "Our Heavenly Father, I thank thee, I ask thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." We tell him every single time to say something specific he's thankful for or is asking for, but he doesn't ever remember. :)

This week's food story is much better than last week. Last Monday after writing to you, the two of us went to Fengjia, the other area in our district, and the four of us Elders went to this great barbecue restaurant. They have this barbecue right in front of you with charcoal briquettes and everything and bring you as much meat as you want and you just grill it yourself. It was so good. It's kind of sad because I doubt that's even legal for you to cook your own food in America, so we won't be able to find a place like that for me to take you to when I get home. Then today we got pizzas and took them to our apartment and the four of us played Chinese Chess, which is actually pretty fun. Yeah, if you can't tell already, preparation day is usually the day missionaries eat a lot of expensive food. But that barbecue place was so, so good.

I'm really not thinking of too much more to write about this week. I'll upload some pictures while I think.

The baptism picture is (name) and his friend (name), who baptized him.

Well, I'm really not sure there's much else for me to talk about this week. I have about four minutes left.

I think I'll just bear my testimony to all of you that the promise in Doctrine and Covenants 84 is real--the Lord will go before our face. He will be on our right hand and on our left. His Spirit will be in our heart and his angels will be round about us. God lives and this is his work. Through the atonement of His beloved son Jesus Christ, each of us will be resurrected and will inherit a reward according to our actions in this life. We must press forward continually, never sacrificing what matters most for what we think we want now.

I love you all so much. I know the Lord is watching over you.


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