Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy December!

I learned something funny recently that made me think of you. In Taiwan older people will say they have "lao hua yan," which just refers to how older people often start to get farsighted. But it's funny because that literally translates to "old flower eyes." I don't know why, but I think it's funny anyway. I might call you old flower eyes sometimes. ;)

Well, this was a really good week. Elder Braby and I are still in Tainan. We just got back from the train station, where we had some all you can eat pizza with some of the other Elders. I'm feeling really excited for this month, because we have some great goals that are going to be tough, but I feel we can hit. We've started a sort of weekly zone newsletter, which I wrote during my dinner yesterday and copied today. I think it'll be a big help. We're working on really fostering some zone unity and getting people excited to hit our goals. We've named our zone "Team Tainan." I remember in an interview several months ago I asked President Bishop how I can personally have more urgency and fire in my work. He told me that the key was to have a goal or vision of where I want to be, and then work my hardest toward that goal. I think that applies to a zone, a family, a ward, a school, or any group. If you all have a common goal that you all want really badly to accomplish, you'll be much more united and more willing to work hard.

And (name) was baptized and confirmed this weekend! He looked so happy. He's really felt the Spirit testify strongly to him of the truth of our message, I can tell. It's truly been a miracle to see him baptized, because for those two weeks we were afraid he was gone completely and we didn't have his address. But the Lord told us not to give up on him, and because of some inspiration in personal study, good plans in companion study, and a spiritual atmosphere in his lessons, we were able to teach him exactly what he needed to know and he felt the Spirit. That personal study time is vital. I am confident that the Lord will prepare His worthy servants who obediently study in the morning with the things they will need during the day. And that's not just for missionaries. Starting the day with scripture study is ideal for everyone. I'm really happy I got to know Brother (Name) and help him be baptized. He'll be a great member. Sorry, I forgot my camera today. I'll send you a picture next week.

We're working with a couple of wonderful families right now. The (name) family (did I tell you about them already? the family with three sons?) is doing well. I think we're getting the ward pumped up to rescue this family, and we're also working on getting the boys involved in church activities like seminary where they can meet friends. They're such a good family. Turns out the mom is baptized as well, so we've just got to get those parents active and get them to bring their whole family to church. I love them a lot, and I want really badly to help them get baptized before my time in Tainan is over.

Well, it's about time to wrap up, I guess. It's good to write to you all. I love you and I pray for you as always.


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