Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 10, 2010

It's hard to believe another week has gone by. I heard an older missionary say the days go by slowly but the weeks fly by. That's very true from what I've now experienced. On Saturday we had a for-reals practice contacting people in a park (in Chinese) and teaching the first lesson (in English). I thought it went really well. Obviously there are lots of things we can improve on, but I felt the spirit really strongly all throughout the lesson. And my language skills are improving very quickly with lots of help from the Lord (read that sentence: with the Lord doing most of the work and me doing all I can). I've memorized the First Vision in Chinese and I'm working on Alma 32:21 now.

Well, let's see. What other boring, everyday experience can I bore you with? I don't think I told you last time, but since we're the *ahem* "advanced" district, they're having us learn how to read about 200 characters from the Book of Mormon. That's really exciting for me, because that way I might be able to actually read from the scriptures and not just say "So could you read this for me? I surely hope it's the right one, cuz I don't know what it says."

Last Tuesday we had a devotional with a member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy. It was pretty cool; he talked about how our church just makes sense if you think about all the aspects of it. I've thought of that sometimes, but it was fun to hear a General Authority say it.

Sundays are really spiritual here, but they're also so busy. We have about four or five separate meetings to go to, but they're all very spiritual. Dill, I can't remember how many prayers you said a missionary said per day, but I think it wasn't high enough. I've counted upward of 13 or 14 on some days.

….. One of the teachers told us that in June they have Mission President Training at the MTC, so General Authorities just walk around the halls and sit by us at mealtimes. …..

Time is short, and I must not procrastinate the day of my sending. …..

Love you all!

Zai jian!
(dzai jeean) (Bye!)

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