Monday, March 28, 2011

Guten Tag!

Hello everybody! It's great to hear from you all at the beginning of a new move call. Yep, today is the start of my seventh out of sixteen. Crazy, huh? I'm still in Tanzi and still with Elder Tony Mohr. Actually, nobody in our district even changed at all.

Yes, I heard about the chat missionaries...that's really cool, but I don't envy them. I'd so much rather be out here proselyting on the streets of Taiwan and baptizing my brothers and sisters than being at the MTC 24/7 for two full years. It's still a mission and it's still the Lord's work and I absolutely love to hear how the internet is being used for its intended purpose of missionary work, but I say better them than me. :)

This week went pretty well. We've found a really great investigator named (name). He's a college student, and he's really smart and very desirous to learn about the gospel. He understands doctrine really well. He also came to church yesterday dressed in a suit, tie, and shiny black shoes. I think before I really underestimated the impact of proper dress on both the investigator and the members. Of course we don't turn anyone away for not having the proper clothes, but when an investigator shows up and members think he's already baptized because he looks like them, he's much more included; the members like him more, I think. Also, our investigators can feel the spirit of reverence and worship on the Sabbath as they make the effort to dress up for church. I'm really excited for Brother Lin, and many of our members are as well. He's really solid for his baptismal goal, and he's going to bring a friend to his next teaching appointment. Here's a testament to how solid he is: in sunday school we learned about tithing and he didn't run away screaming. He understood the sacred and spiritual nature of this commandment. I too have found a stronger testimony of the law of tithing since coming on my mission. There's no doubt I'll faithfully pay a full tithe till the day I die; there are just too many blessings that you miss out on if you don't pay an honest tithe. Tithing is about showing the Lord that you have total faith in him and not in money, whether money is plentiful or scarce.

I can't think of a whole lot else to say. There's not a lot else super noteworthy that happened this week. Well, Megan wanted questions...but I can't really think of any. What questions do you have for me? It's actually been really cold here lately. Like really. Cold. And rainy.

Sorry this week's email is so short, but I just kinda ran out of time. I sure love you all and I look forward to talking to you on Monday. Until next week,



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