Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello Again!

Hi everybody! It's good to hear from you all again after another very short week.

And now for some news on how things are going in Taiwan. Dillon, you said that I was on the southwestern part of the island when the quake happened. Um...about that...no I wasn't. When President Bishop called on Wednesday to tell me about Grandma, he also told me one other bit of news. He wanted me to immediately start packing my stuff and move north to Tanzi as soon as possible. On your map it's just north of T'aichung and south of Fengyeuan (can't get over how weird the spellings are :D). Yeah, that was pretty unexpected. So I packed ASAP and Elder Turk and I rode a train up to Taizhong. I just switched places with the elder who was here--he went down to Tainan. So here I am in another new area. This always seems to happen when I start getting comfortable and thinking I'm not going to move for awhile. My companion is Elder Mohr from northern California, and he's on his first move call. Yeah, he was 2/3 of the way through being trained when this happened. He's really great. He's always very positive and happy and he loves the people he serves.

Unfortunately, I missed the baptisms of (name) and (name), but Tanzi also had a baptism on Saturday: (name). I actually met him on Saturday when he showed up for his baptism...so I don't have much to say, except that I love seeing people baptized! It's the start of a life as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and it reaffirms my testimony every time that this work we do is the work of the Good Shepherd. We are gathering His elect by calling them in His name. So even though this is undoubtedly harder than anything I've ever done before, there's nothing more rewarding than this.

I'm really not sure there's much else for me to say. I'll just wrap this one up. Sorry it's a little shorter, but I can't really give too much of a report on my investigators. We do have one really great guy named Guo Jin-Ming who's getting baptized this Saturday, so you can expect two baptismal pictures in next week's email.

I love you all so much! I look forward to hearing from you next week. Keep up that BoM activity, no matter how slowly you go. I love it and I know you are loving it too.


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