Sunday, May 8, 2011

Here I am talking to you again

Well, I only have a few minutes now, so I'll have to copy and paste what I wrote for my President's email:

(name) is doing well. He was already on his way to church when I called him Sunday morning, and I think he's enjoying himself at church more and more. We're working on helping him really feel what the atonement is about so that he can develop a stronger testimony. Just as you told us today, I want to help him gain a lasting conversion, and I think as he builds good friendships with good LDS young men he can develop just such a testimony.

We have a few other great investigators, most of whom were member referrals. Both 9-year-old (name) and 60-something-year-old (name) were referred by our second counselor in the Bishopric, who just called us and said he'd been thinking of some less active families and invited them to come back to church, and they were willing to come. They're great people. I haven't had a whole lot of chances to meet with and get to know them, but these families are very desirous to return to activity and really endure to the end.

We had another investigator named (name) who is really well prepared. He meets with us and reads the Book of Mormon because he has a feeling when he does so that is unlike anything he's felt before. He was confirmed to come to church by a member on Saturday night, but then didn't show on Sunday. I called him all throughout the day and he never did answer the phone. So that was disappointing, but we'll get in touch with him and set a new goal to help him work toward baptism.

I totally agree with what Dad said to all of us this morning--a testimony is not something that can be gained and then you're good to go. It has to be constantly nourished like a little plant, or it will wither away and die and nothing will be left. I'm so glad that I have this chance to be the voice and hands of the Lord in Taiwan. I get to bear my testimony hundreds of times a week, thousands of times per transfer. I love this work so much. I said that when I talked to you, but I know that this is true. God lives and His Son Jesus Christ, who is the literal God of this world, suffered Himself to come into the world and sacrifice His life to save us. We, worthless as we are, were worth it to Him.

I love you all, and I'll talk to you next week!


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