Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Yes, it's the Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival today. We've been eating lots of barbecue and moon cakes. And the move call came in! Drumroll.....I'm in...Tanzi still!! Woooo! There were 25 new missionaries flooding the mission this transfer. New missionaries come in on the Wednesday night before move call, and they get working with their trainers on that Friday. Hardly anyone left this move call, so we just opened lots of new areas. Nice little surge of youth in the mission. Next move call is almost as many--I think it's about 20.

Yeah, I've been in Tanzi a long long time. But I'm not complaining. I'm excited I get just one more transfer here. The Lord has really been helping us help our area to grow, and we're seeing so much success lately.

We're seeing a lot of miracles with our investigators. (name) is well prepared to be baptized this Saturday, and the members love him already. He's also really excited to prepare for the temple, because we gave him the temples issue of the Liahona to read. I'm just amazed at this man and what he has done to prepare for baptism. He encountered obstacles that would cause other investigators to just drop out, but he has conquered every one. He changed his Sunday work schedule and gave up coffee on the spot. It's been a real blessing to get to teach him these few weeks.

We've also been blessed by the Lord to find the (name) Family. I think I mentioned them in last week's letter, but they're a part member family and their two sons are not yet baptized. The older son has set a goal for baptism and I think we can help the younger son be baptized at the same time. Heavenly Father really guided us through the Spirit to know when to go find this family, because they're ready now. Elder Larson is also a perfect companion to have, because the two kids love him. I love this family so much, and I thank my Father in Heaven for the chance to help them complete their family and prepare for a temple sealing.

Funny story about that family: the assistants were kind of trying to steal them from us because they went to the English branch, but President Bishop told them we get to teach and baptize the kids. ;) Elder Larson was getting all into it, like a battle between us and the assistants. I told him that was probably not the attitude we should have. But I'm really happy we won, because those kids are just awesome.

You know, I just love Taiwanese people. This Lunar Festival is a big day for barbecuing with your whole family, and at nearly every barbecue we rode by (all of them are out front of their houses, mind you--no back yards in Taiwan) people invited us to sit down and eat with them. We didn't, of course, but I just love how hospitable the Taiwanese are.

I sure love all of you. Sorry this week's email is a little shorter, but look forward to a baptismal picture next week!


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