Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

Today's been a pretty normal p-day. Went to the temple, doing some laundry, and all that as usual. I want to apologize in advance--I had to go to the health clinic this week because apparently the MTC has a rule that if you've had symptoms for a certain length of time you have to see the doctor so you don't get other missionaries sick. I'd had a cough for four days or so, and it turns out it's probably bronchitis. Don't worry about me though, I'm doing just fine now. He put me on an antibiotic. I just want to apologize for the bill you'll probably get in the mail for my co-pay and prescriptions. And I've been so careful lately, too. Can't imagine how I caught bronchitis. But oh well, like I said I'm doing great now.

Well, this week has been quite standard. Last night's fireside featured three old people, all of whom had written the music to one or two hymns in our current hymnbook. It was kind of funny, because most of them spoke like it was less of a talk and more of a telling stories to their grandkids. You know what I mean--where an old guy will just keep thinking of other interesting stories that relate to some little thing in the story they're telling so they get way off track. But it was fun. They had some really interesting things to say about how hymns have an importance to our work as missionaries.

This week is when our zone gets forty new missionaries. It's only two days away and then I'll be one of the "older missionaries." That's too weird! I've been seeing lots of people from my high school here. In fact, most of the ones I've seen are learning Asian languages like Japanese and Korean. I've seen at least three people I know learning Korean. When does Brad enter the MTC? It'll be interesting to see if I see him around here.

One of my teachers, Sister Tanner, reminds me so much of Aunt Shannon. It's pretty hilarious. My other teacher, Brother Hodges, is also really awesome. In fact, you can see a picture of him and his wife and kid on page 57 of the conference Ensign. He told us and the other teachers that he got a letter from church headquarters saying that as a result, his calling and election has been made sure. :D

Well, I'm down to less than five minutes and the timer is flashing, urging me not to procrastinate the day of my my email. I want to leave you all this week with a commitment (proving that I am becoming a missionary...mwahahaha). I've been finding that my personal study has been an incredible blessing and a great way to get closer to my Father in Heaven. I challenge you all to continue doing family study of the BoM, but also do some personal study. Sit at a desk, pull out a journal, and read a few chapters and write down the thoughts you have. How can that scripture apply to you? I promise you if you make the effort to do that every day this summer, you'll feel so much better. Be anxiously engaged in a good cause and Heavenly Father will bless you!

I love you all very much. I look forward to your letters. Remember--it doesn't have to be exciting for me to care about it. Tell me about it! Love you all.


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