Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Conference Weekend!

Hello everybody! So good to hear from you all! Sorry this email is so late. We had a rockin' preparation day, so it's about 3:30 right now in Taiwan. I hope you all enjoyed conference. I want to enjoy it so badly! I can hardly wait for this Saturday.

Well, this week was really good, but also really hard. We struggled big time on our key indicators, even though we were working hard every day. That's a big lesson I've learned on my mission--there are going to be ups and downs even when you are being exactly obedient and as diligent as you know how to be. This came to me when I read the story of Abinadi. When he died, he may have thought that he failed and that nobody was converted, but Alma was, and he baptized 204 other people. Contrast that with Ammon, who baptized an entire kingdom of Lamanites. God isn't going to love Ammon more than Abinadi. Both performed the work they were called to perform. I know that the Lord loves us all, and He will not shield any one of us from pain or trial, even if we're being very good.

Brother (name), the bishop's wife's friend from work, is doing really well. He told us that he's had experiences with prayer, scripture study, and church attendance that made him feel he was receiving revelation. I feel we will be able to help him be baptized, mainly because of all the support and encouragement from his member friend. She shares scriptures and experiences with him at work. I really feel that once a person refers a friend to the missionaries and sees the person progress, that member then gets excited about the gospel and the friend's progress. I hope each of you will think hard about which friends you have who you could invite to church or to a youth activity. I know we all have nonmember friends.

Well, time's almost up. I love you all so much and I'll talk to you again next week!


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