Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hi There

Hey everyone! This week has gone by so quickly. It's hard to believe.

My favorite thing about Taiwan...boy, that's a tough question. I like everything. I love the people, from the motorcycle-riding teenagers who yell HELLOOO to us as they scream by to the hunchbacked old women (amahs) who go around collecting recyclables from trash cans so they can get some money at the recycling center. I love the food (especially the shaved ice). I love the language. I even love the weather, even though I come home at night drenched in sweat or rain. Every day. I love it. Most of all, I love the gospel and the power it has to change people's lives. I love seeing gatherings of Taiwanese saints, the Taiwan Taibei Temple, and everything else that reminds me that the Lord has set His hand to gather scattered Israel. His elect hear His voice and they follow Him.

The biggest miracle this week is that we have two investigators who have committed themselves to baptism this Saturday: (name) and (name). Both passed their baptismal interviews this past weekend and came to church yesterday. I'm so excited for both of these men; they've both come such a long way since I first met them. I think the best part of yesterday, though, was when a member invited us to a lunch appointment at the church. At first they didn't tell us what it was. Then we got there and it was a birthday party for a couple of sisters in the ward. But then there was a twist; Brother (name) surprised his girlfriend (an active member of the ward) by proposing to her. I can't even really describe how happy it made me to see that. This truly is the whole reason we do missionary work--those two are about to start a whole new life. In the past three months, the sister missionaries got Sister (name) reactivated, she brought her boyfriend to church, and over a period of time he decided to be baptized. This Saturday he'll become a disciple of Jesus Christ. In the next couple weeks, they'll be married. Then I hope to see them sealed for time and all eternity in the holy temple of God one year after his baptism. We're helping people open the doors to the Celestial Kingdom and eternal exaltation. I'm just so happy right now, I can't even describe it.

The Lord is also continuing to pour out blessings on us. We have lots of other investigators who are progressing very well toward baptism. I truly believe the Lord was teaching me a lesson in humility during my time in Tanzi. For the first several months we had only one baptism. Now, in a sudden burst of miracles, we've got many wonderful investigators to work with. I know that our Heavenly Father loves each of us, and He has power to do His work.

I love you all so much! Talk to you next week!


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