Monday, August 1, 2011

Greetings from…drumroll…

...still Tanzi!!! Yay! Fooled you, did I? Nope, I didn't move again.

Well, the biggest change that happened this week is that I got a call from President Bishop on Wednesday night. How often has that signaled a big change in my mission/life? Many times. He called to tell me he would like me to train a new missionary in the upcoming move call and that I should be at the mission home at nine o'clock Friday morning. So on Friday I went down there, Elder Zhou got on a train home, and I got some training on how to be a trainer. Then I met my new companion, Elder Larson! He's from Provo, UT. He's excited to be in Taiwan preaching the gospel, and I'm excited to have him here as well. Funny coincidence--he knew Elder Steven Lew at the MTC. Elder Lew was his Zone Leader there. It's a little nerve wracking to be a trainer, since every little thing I do is going to set the tone for the rest of his mission, but I'm just going to trust that the Lord knew what He was doing calling me, and that He'll give me direction to fulfill this assignment. Pray for me. :)

We saw a pretty great miracle this week. On Saturday we attended a ward activity focused on helping investigators and new members make friends with ward members, and we had a great turnout of investigators. They all seemed to really enjoy themselves. The best thing was when an investigator named Brother (name) came over and talked to me. He's the boyfriend of a recently reactivated sister, and for a couple months he's been coming to church every week, but also made it a point to avoid talking to us. On Saturday he said he wants to start meeting with us and taking the missionary lessons. It was unexpected, but I was definitely pleased. Some other ward members who really like him also started cheering and hugging him when he said that. We're continuing to see great miracles as we work in harmony with our ward members. In fact, I really think that we can't do this work without members. We need them to be proactive with sharing the gospel, helping us bear testimony of gospel truths, friendshipping investigators and new members...etc. I really love our Tanzi members, and I think I am going to see more success than ever before if I can learn how to help them reach their potential.

Well, I sure love all of you! Stay safe and happy and faithful!


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